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2019 Ladies Tuesday Morning Golf Information

Who Are We?

We are a group of women who love playing golf and enjoy the camaraderie of team or social play. Our members have wide range of ability from low to high handicap golfers. Ages range from young women to retirees. Everyone is welcome to join us!

We meet at 8:00am Tuesday mornings for a brief meeting before the 18 hole players head out to the tees at 8:30.  Our nine hole players have tee times beginning at 10:30. That puts us all in the clubhouse at approximately the same time to enjoy lunch together.  You may choose to play as a team member or play social golf for either 9 or 18 holes. Don’t let “team” scare you. The competition is based on handicap and is very low-key - you just play!

Fees/Costs: Membership is $45, which includes your MGA handicap fee.  If you do not belong to Pokegama Golf Course, PWMGL members enjoy a reduced green fee for Tuesday morning play.

We welcome new golfers any time - come and join us!  YOU’LL LOVE IT!!

For more information please contact Nancy Saxhaug, Tuesday Morning League President: nancysax@gmail.com.



And a new season is upon us! We have a few exciting changes in store, so please keep reading. And please pass the registration and this informational page along to anyone you think might be interested. So here we go:

Play options:

18 or 9 hole team play

18 or 9 hole social play - sign up only for the weeks you want to play.


While 18 holers, team or social, will be starting with a shotgun at 8:30, as usual, our 9 hole team or social will have tee times beginning at 10:30 AM! We are trying this in response to feedback we’ve received from 9 hole players. We’re hoping that everyone will finish up at approximately the same time so we can share social time together at lunch. For now, the meeting will still be held at 8 am, but we may do weekly prizes at lunchtime. There are other things in the works that will be reported on at the brunch. If you have any ideas for the best way to have everyone involved, please forward them to me (Nancy).

Morning Dues:

Dues are $45 and include your MGA handicap fee. And, please remember, for those of you who play elsewhere during the year, you must have an MGA handicap.


First day of play is May 28th. We will have the usual games of the day, ringer card, Challenge score, birdies and proximity events. 18 Holers will arrive in time for an 8am meeting followed by an 8:30 shotgun start; 9 Holers will arrive in time to tee off at 10:30am. 

sign up

There will be sign up sheets for each Tuesday - if you forget to sign up at the clubhouse, you can email or call Marilyn Caron by the Saturday prior to Tuesday's play. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE CLUBHOUSE. Marilyn Caron: mmcaron2@msn.com / 218-326-9931.

Green fees

For non-season pass holders: $23+ tax for 18 Holes; $16+ tax for 9 Holes.

‼️more excitement ‼️

Please come to the brunch...and bring a friend! We will pay for brunch for anyone new (defined: anyone who did not belong last year) who pays their dues on May 21nd. AND, if you brought that person, we’ll pay for your brunch, too!

If you have questions, or need more information, please contact:

Nancy Saxhaug, President / nancysax@gmail.com / 218-326-8163

Marilyn Caron, Pairings Chair / mmcaron2@msn.com / 218-326-9931

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