Grand Slam Senior Men’s Golf 2019

The Grand Slam Senior Men’s Golf League is entering its fourteenth year and is open to those who are 55 or older, golfers of all abilities are welcome. Golf is played Monday mornings at Eagle Ridge, Pokegama, Sugarbrooke and Mesaba CC.

League dues are $30 per person. For 18 holes, green fees are $18 per round, but if one is a member of the host course, there will be no charge. A power golf cart is required and rental will be $14 per round, with no charge for those with a seasonal cart rental at the host course. In addition, there is a $5 fee for the game of the day. Daily winners will receive gift certificates from the host pro shop. League sponsors include First National Agency of Coleraine and Toivo’s Bar and Grill.

There is an informational meeting for the men on Monday, April 29, 8:30 A.M at Pokegama. At this time, you may sign up for league play and a round of golf will follow the meeting. You may also sign up for league membership on any of the Monday mornings.

Call Kent MacAlpine at 218-301-9907 or Lane Peterson at 218-326-6558 for more information or stop in at one of the pro shops.

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