Business Golf Program
Instruction by Mike Klobaugh, PGA

OBJECTIVE:  To learn or to become reacquainted with golf in a fun and social learning environment with your workmates.

WHO: Any new or dormant golfers who work together (or friends). Minimum group size is 4; maximum group size is 8.

WHAT: Golf instruction with play on the course.

WHERE: Pokegama Golf Course, 3910 Golf Course Road, Grand Rapids

WHEN: 4 Sessions, scheduled at your convenience.

HOW MUCH: $100/person including complimentary use of golf equipment, range balls and a glass of wine or beer at the end of each session.


schedule of Sessions (90 mins per session):

  1. Full Swing

  2. Chipping and Pitching

  3. Putting

  4. Driving



30mins range instruction


45mins on the course

(with instruction)


15 mins review/discussion

(with aforementioned wine/beer)